Flight Operations

Flight Operations, a support services division that was established to operate and manage aircraft assets within PoliceMP. Aircraft assets that are managed by Flight Operations are the National Police Air Service, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, MET Dauphins, and MET Drones. Flight Operations primary goal is to support, assist and cooperate with ground units when air support is requested.

Pilots who are accepted into Flight Operations are responsible for their aircraft, ensuring functionality of aircraft and the safety of their passengers. As well as providing a safe route by analysing flight plans and weather conditions.

Drone Unit

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are aircraft controlled by a remote operator. They usually have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities and various cameras/sensors onboard to assist with navigation, take photos or provide information from its unique, maneuverable vantage point.

Within Flight Ops, drones will be used to allow NPAS officers to provide support to other divisions without the need for a second officer or the
hassle/expense of deploying a full sized helicopter.

What can you get upto as Drone Unit?

  • Missing Persons
  • Foot Pursuits
  • Property Surveillance
  • Area Searches
  • Welfare Checks in
    dangerous situations
  • Obtaining aerial footage for planned operations
  • Assisting all divisions where the drone would be advantageous

Applications to join Flight Operations opens periodically, and the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply are:

  • Applicants must be ranked PC or higher
  • Applicants must have passed ERT probation
  • Applicants must have playtime of 20 hours+
  • Applicants must be mature and sensible, as well as exhibit good behaivour
  • Applicants must have good attitude towards others and respect others
  • Applicants must exhibit high standards at all times

Upon acceptance into Flight Operations, trainees will be provided the necessary training to pilot an aircraft. Flight Operations aircraft trainings are:

  • NPAS Helicopter Training (To be completed once accepted as a pilot)
  • MET Dauphin Training (10 hours of flight time to be eligible)
  • HEMS Helicopter Training (15 hours of flight time to be eligible)
  • MET Drone Training (25 hours of flight time to be eligible)
  • NPAS Fixed Wing Training (By application only)

As a Stepping stone for Flight Operations any PC+ who are IPP trained for 1 week may also apply as a Comms Ticket Holder. This allows them to lift with a Pilot and utilise the state of the art camera suite which NPAS uses to provide support to any units.

Meet our team

ItzClapham - (E6)
Aux Ops Manager
Beatz - (NS1)
Flight Captain
WillRunci - (NS2)
Flight Captain
NS3 - (NS3)
Flight Captain