Civilian Roleplay

Being a Civilian in PoliceMP isn’t your normal experience.

Your main role will be to provide amazing roleplay opportunities for absolutely everyone on the server whether that is creating fires and being a trapped person for the London Fire Brigade to rescue or becoming a criminal mastermind for the police to track down and bring you to justice. Maybe you just want to be a witness, informant or even just a law-abiding citizen. We want to keep every division active and make sure they are having fun whenever they book on shift. We aim to make them think, investigate, make decisions and immerse themselves in the world of Police MP.

We do Civ RP events on a regular basis, each with a variety of different situations that aims to include the whole community.

No matter what you want to do, you are there to create completely unique and immersive scenarios for everyone to deal with.

The server is at your imagination, the world is your oyster, and the future of the emergency services is at your fingertips.

Being a ‘Civ’, you have access to a wide array of unique commands and assets such as:

  • A full set of civilian vehicles
  • Access to a list of enterable properties for use to create your scenes
  • The choice of hundreds of premade pedestrian models from Base GTA allowing you to blend in with the crowd and strike when least expected.
  • Hide your nametag so you are undiscoverable to other players
  • A full array of melee weapons at your disposal
  • Access to a professional CAD system allowing you to create a past and present life for your characters.
  • Access to firearms to keep the armed police on their toes (Subject to Training)

Becoming a Civilian

As a whitelisted role within the server this is an application only role and applications open up frequently.

Requirements are a minimum of 30 hours playtime on the server excluding AFK time and to be ranked PC or equivalent. Any TX history (warning and bans) within the last 6 weeks will be considered for the application. Creativity and responsibility are the key terms within the Civilian Division.

Progress within the division

Once you have successfully completed your probationary period you are free to apply for further training when they are open for applicants.

This includes FTS apps which give you the ability to initiate pursuits and “Fail To Stop” for police. Being chased by officers in game can be very fun and exciting. As CivRP FTS trained you may find yourself in a situation where you are now in a vehicle pursuit.

We also have firearms training. This is a highly sought after tag which enables you to use firearms as part of your scenes. Being trained in using firearms as a civ is an extremely trusted part of our division and it's something that everyone wants to do. There will be limited places to trusted individuals and you will be looked up to by not only the rest of Civ, but also the entire server.

A recent addition to the Civ division is the ability, subject to application/training, to be able to roleplay as a solicitor. This will enable you to represent your client as a defence solicitor while they are in police custody by advising them of the charge(s) and evidence the police are looking at. Then representing them whilst in their interview.

In Civilian Command we are always on the lookout for dedicated and professional individuals to progress into the role of Senior Civilian. This role enables you to carry out training for civilians and also authorise certain things within your relevant teams. As an added perk for your additional help/commitments within the division you are granted full access to the customchar command enabling the creation of your own unique characters and access to a comprehensive wardrobe.

Meet our team

Dr_Samurai - (B5)
Director of Civ
Big Al
Big Al - (C7)
Head of Civ
Megaman - (CR1)
Assistant Head of Civ
Keiron - (CR2)
Assistant Head of Civ
TheOnlyBird98 - (CR3)
Assistant Head of Civ
Boratt247 - (CR4)
Assistant Head of Civ
Ghastly - (E8)
Deputy Head of Civ
E8 - (E9)
Deputy Head of Civ