College Staff

Being part of College Staff is an incredibly challenging role that requires a huge amount of dedication and commitment. It is also however one of the most fulfilling and satisfying areas for people that enjoy helping others and encouraging and motivating new members of the community. College Staff is separated into many areas; College Trainers are the backbone of the PoliceMP training system we have and their role is to communicate, teach and help members of our community to progress to the rank of PC. Head Trainer is an area of progression within College Staff where it becomes more of a hands-off management role. The job of Head Trainer, among other things, is assist the Commander of Training with managing and assisting College Trainers with any issues they may have, and data management amongst other things.

Regardless of role there are a number of key competencies that are required by all members of College Staff in order to be successful within the department.

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Patience, and and excellent attitude and approach to work
  • Maturity and professionalism - College Staff are often the very first direct experience of other Officers a PCSO might have so its important to make sure you are always giving off a good impression
  • Great work ethic and time management skills
  • Compassion, initiative and understanding - The PCSOs and members of the community you will be dealing with as a member of College staff will be from all different walks of life, backgrounds, religions, age groups and genders, so it it always important to adapt the training accordingly in a way that creates the best outcome for our members.

Meet our team

Crusade - (B6)
Director of Training
Deconfilction - (HT1)
Head Trainer