Control Room

The Control Room was established to provide an effective and organised, professional dispatching system. The Control Room and the selected Operators manage the organisational aspects on the server, such as the intake of emergency calls, managing unit distribution and controlling the radio systems. The Control Room is split up into many sub-divisions that are responsible for different aspects of the emergency handling process. The division is a prestigious and professional sector of the server, and therefore you must exhibit high standards to be a part of the division.

Command Structure

The Control Room is commanded by a team of experienced, friendly and helpful members of the community. It is imperative that all issues are raised appropriately and aired to the correct rank/member, for it to be resolved correctly. The Control Room holds the below structure for this to be enforced:

Control Trainers > Control Team Leaders > Control Room Supervisor

Skills & Qualities

Control Command looks for certain skills and qualities in members of PoliceMP to align with those required of an Operator. Controllers must exhibit skills and traits such as organisational, team-work, communicational etc. This must be done in conjunction with determination, high activity levels and obviously the ability to work under high-stress situations, with no defections in your ability to Control effectively.

Divisions & Subdivisions

Control Operators

Control Operators are the forefront of the controlling process. A standard Control Operator will be responsible for the CAD system, Radio system or both. This ensures they can effectively manage their units, take in and dispatch 999 calls according to their criticality and immediacy. A Control Operator is extensively trained to ensure they are able to deal with any situations that may arise.

Typical Workload:

  • Take in emergency calls from civilians and dispatch units appropriately
  • Respond to and resolve radio call ups
  • Manage radio so only urgent communications are transmitted
  • Consistently update CAD so callouts are closed when resolved etc.
  • Request updates on scenes so unit distribution is performed accordingly

Call Resolution Officers

Call Resolution Officers are talented Operators that are trained to deal verbally with emergency calls from civilians. As they are the initial contact on emergencies, they have to deal with high-stress situations and ensure that the correct units are dispatched as quickly as possible. They write up calls and take information from the caller to assist with the response. This then gets passed onto Control Operators to do the dispatching.

Typical Workload:

  • Take in emergency calls
  • Request more information regarding calls to effectively aid dispatch
  • Provide basic medical aid and advice over the phone

Force Incident Managers

Force Incident Managers are experienced and dedicated Control Operators that effectively manage, handle and monitor incidents, liaising and working alongside divisional Command teams to bring a safe resolution to said incident.

A Force Incident Manager requires full operation of scenes and incidents that may occur on a day-to-day operational basis. FIM's make tactful and thought through decisions and authorisations to bring safe resolutions to detrimental calls.

As a FIM Operator you will be responsible for the controllers working under you at the time and you will provide them with response plans as needed, ensuring resources are distributed to calls you determine pose the most risk to the public and colleagues.

When on as FIM (only one FIM active at once), your task will be to authorise situations for all units, replacing the conventional SGT/INSP requirement.

Typical Workload:

  • Respond to incidents to manage the authorisation aspect of the scene
  • Liaise with Operators and Divisional Commands to resolve scenes
  • Authorise requests made by units - either spontaneous or pre-planned
  • Collate information about calls
  • Monitor currently ongoing calls to plan ahead

Meet our team

Noose - (E5)
Control Room Supervisor
TechGeek - (O1)
Control Room Team Leader
Retro - (O2)
Control Room Team Leader
ArronUK123 - (O3)
Control Room Team Leader