Authorised Firearm Officers

Joining AFO will by no means be a easy task, All officers will undergo heavy amounts of training with use to their different type of weapons, Vehicles, Handling of said weapons, different tactics for different situations, And how to use the gear given to armed officers to the best of their ability when they are needed to do so

  • The ability to use their weapons at a moments notice should they need to do so.
  • A very mature but relaxed attitude towards fellow officers and members of the public.
  • Handle stressful and sometimes very dangerous situations while keeping a clear mind.
  • Following the chain of command within AFO and other units as a whole
  • Be interested and willing in learning new skills that could help them in their career as a police officer.
  • Good vehicle skills will also be a good factor for use of escorts, protecting VIPs, Etc.
  • Those with more unique skills also have the chance of CTSFO, Diplomatic protection, Or other Subdivisions

Meet our team

Atlas Forte
Atlas Forte - (FI1)
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