Authorised Firearm Officers

Joining AFO will by no means be an easy task, all officers undergo heavy amounts of training familiarising themselves with their weapons, equipment and vehicles. AFO are trained to a very high standard with tactics taught in our very own Kill House (training buildings designed to practise room clearance, along with ARV TPAC training taught in a live environment). AFO are accountable for all of their actions whilst deployed.

In training you are taught about Dynamic Risk Assessments (DRA) alongside the National Decision Model (NDM) to develop an understanding of the level of force and how to adapt to ever changing scenarios, along with that comes the responsibility of carrying a loaded firearm and making a split second decision whether to discharge said firearm at a moment's notice should they need to do so.

AFO once trained and out of probation are able to apply for TPAC & SRO training to further develop their skills. SRO (Specialist Rifle Officer) are trained in Long Rifle Surveillance and Rifle Control developing their skills to become sharpshooters. TPAC (Tactical Pursuit And Containment) training consists of multiple types of vehicle tactics used by AFO. AFO will learn how to safely bring an armed pursuit to a safe end.

We also offer a number of other training packages to our officers such as:

  • First Response Basic (FRB)
  • First Response Advanced (FRA)
  • Scene Command Package
  • Advanced Tactics Package
  • AFO CAT A Convoy Training

AFO typically responds to any call where there may be reasonable suspicion of a firearm/hostage situation/bomb threats/terrorism/armed robbery/Diplomatic & Royal Protection however we will assist other divisions where required, an example such as FRA trained officers can attach onto Major Incidents when London Ambulance Services are stretched to provide life saving aid to those in need.

To apply for AFO you must ensure you meet the following requirements;

  • Applicants should have a very mature but relaxed attitude towards fellow officers and members of the public
  • be able to handle stressful and sometimes very dangerous situations while keeping a clear mind
  • Remembering to follow the chain of command within AFO and other units as a whole
  • Be interested and willing in learning new skills that could help them in their career as a police officer
  • Have completed your PC probation
  • Have 50+ hours of in game activity
  • You do not have any TX warnings or bans in the last 6 weeks
  • Be able to demonstrate respect for others in your duties throughout PoliceMP
  • Be able to demonstrate the highest of standards at all times
  • Have good communication skills with the ability to listen to others
  • Have the ability to work effectively in a team to achieve shared objectives
  • Have the ability to apply procedures and legislation in line with policy and guidance
  • Have a good understanding of justification

Progression within AFO

In AFO the first step towards a banded position would be first to apply for Buddy when vacancies arise. Our Buddy team provides an average of 10+ ride alongs a week. To reward our buddies there are certain perks included for their service.

The first banded position within AFO is Operational Firearms Commander (OFC), this is a Band 1 Trainer position within game and involves leadership responsibilities such as Firearms/Pursuit Authority. OFC’s are the heart of the AFO training team.

The second banded position within AFO is Tactical Firearms Commander (TFC/Sergeant). Once in a band 1 Met Trainer+ position within PMP and a position becomes available you are eligible to apply for a Sergeant position. TFC's just like OFC’s are responsible for in game authority and leadership however as TFC you are also responsible for out of game organisation/admin duties in line with what the AFO Inspector requires.

The final banded position within AFO is Strategic Firearms Commander (SFC/Inspector). The SFC will always take lead on a scene delegating duties to TFC/OFC/AFO. Along with divisional guidance and structure, the role of SFC has many additional responsibilities.



A Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Officer is required to protect parliamentary, government and royalty personnel and property. They will primarily be stationed outside Parliamentary, Governmental or Royal buildings using their marked visible precedence to deter crime or attacks.

PaDP also work alongside Roads & Traffic Policing Command (RTPC) Special Escort Group (SEG) with providing armed protection on all road convoys.

You will often see PaDP stationed outside of Number 10, Downing Street (Postal 699).

PaDP eligibility requirements:

  • Passed AFO probation
  • TPAC Trained
  • Application based entry


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel are highly trained in safely locating and disposing of any suspected bomb materials or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). EOD will often be called to situations were a civilian has been magnet fishing and pulled a World War II grenade, such as a 36M Rifle Hand Grenade, to safely dispose of the article.

EOD would also respond to any bomb threat including those made in acts of terror, to ascertain any materials and safely dispose of them. EOD have great equipment at their disposal including an EOD robot, protective bomb suits and a 2003 MAN purpose built lorry to house their equipment and safely transport materials.

EOD eligibility requirements:

  • Passed AFO probation
  • TPAC trained
  • Application based entry


Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO) are on constant standby to respond to terrorist threats or any major crime incident along with hostage recovery.

CTSFO are highly trained officers who have undergone rigorous specialist training in advanced room clearance, rappelling from Dauphin helicopters, critical shot training, close protection detail/convoys and boat boarding tactics.

In order for CTSFO to deploy, certain criteria must be met before bronze command will authorise its deployment. Recent events where CTSFO have deployed include;

  • Terror attack at the Richman Hotel
  • IED located near to 10 Downing Street
  • Kidnapping of a Chief Inspector from their home residence

CTSFO are well equipped with some very useful vehicles such as a Land Rover Defender and a Jankel. CTSFO trained officers also carry different loadsouts in comparison to a regular Firearms Officer.

CTSFO eligibility requirements

  • Passed AFO probation
  • TPAC trained
  • SRO trained
  • FRA trained
  • Show good understanding & knowledge of AFO
  • Exemplary behaivour within AFO
  • Selection based recruitment

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