Criminal Investigations Department

CIDs deals with investigations into serious crimes. These count as robberies, burglaries, sexual offences, fraud, serious assaults and murders. CID officer sometimes assist uniformed officers in investigating the less serious crimes, such as theft. The CID has the same rank structure as the uniformed branch. Officers are known as detective constable, detective sergeants and so on.

CID officers do not work the shift system and they are often required to work long and irregular hours. A major inquiry can demand of CID officers working every hour of the day. The work is often slow and requires great patience as well as good memory and attention to detail. The pay structure is identical to that of the uniformed police, with an additional plain-clothes allowance.

CID requires certain qualities and commitment and officers will need to show an aptitude for this kind of work. To aid selection a constable can request a temporary attachment to a particular squad. If they show particular ability in this work, then his/her senior officers would put them forward for consideration by an interview board.

CID is a support division within PoliceMP, we help out Primary divisions which require the support on the server. CID has a growth mindset when it comes to events on PoliceMP, we find outcomes that can lead us to more outcomes for an investigation. CID includes paperwork due to the investigations that situation could bring out, the investigations could lead to money laundry to murder investigations, we hold a great team of detectives to figure out who was involved and how did it come to where it is that present day. CID can be a little stressful when doing paperwork for an ongoing investigation but we work together to get the job done and correct information to close that investigation.

Meet our team

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