Emergency Response Team

Welcome to the ERT.

This division will be your home as a response officer once you progress to the Rank of PC from PCSO through the Police College.

ERT is run by one Inspector, and four operational Sergeants. The ERT command are committed to ensuring all response officers have access to further training and development packages helping you gain experience and open up further progression routes for specialist divisions like AFO, CID, DSU and RTPC.

The ERT command team are supported by an amazing team of Team leaders and trainers who are committed to making your experience with ERT positive, engaging and most of all enjoyable.

We offer the following training within the division;

  • Initial Pursuit Phase - allowing you to initiate pursuits and teaching you correct comms and driving skills to follow a fleeing vehicle prior to RTPC arrival.
  • Development packages including - Advanced Taser Tactics, Arresting Officer Principles, First Response Basic (First Aid), Prison Bus driver self learning package and much more, including some still in development.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ERT soon!

Territorial Support Group (TSG)

The Territorial Support Group (TSG) is a Met Operations Unit within PoliceMP. TSG specialize in incidents of large scale Public Disorder, Extremely Violent Persons and Pre-planned operations within the police.

TSG can be called upon at any time of the day within PoliceMP. Being part of TSG is great; as no two days are the same

Throughout your training with TSG, you learn a variety of different tactics and skills to assist you with day to day duties. These include but are not limited to:

  • Search and clear a building and deal with public order situations
  • The five step appeal
  • Public order cordens
  • Police warnings within crowds
  • The use of dogs (Working closely with DSU)
  • Public order medic
  • Forward Intelligence Team
  • Evidence Gathering Team
  • Vehicle Tactics

and much more!

Entry requirements for TSG:

  • Hold the rank of Police Constable+
  • Have passed your 7 day probation
  • Have a minimum of 25 Hours in-game
  • Be responsible, disciplined and willing to learn
  • Show excellent Teamwork and Communication
  • Have a good attitude and respect others
  • Be robust and able to accept criticism
  • Be able to take appropriate action and justify your actions

Meet our team

Jezus - (RI1)
Aidan - (RS2)
Smoke - (RS3)
Kaliber - (RS4)