Roads Transport Policing Command

RTPC officers are responsible for patrolling the main motorways and large roads throughout the territorial police force area (Los Santos). In addition to their general road policing duties, they assist with various operations to improve road safety. They are also at the forefront in tackling vehicle crime and the illegal use of the roads network. They are also available to back up other units in a general policing capacity and assist officers when criminals decide to flee using the road network by employing tactics to bring pursuits to a safe and swift conclusion.

As a roads policing officer, you will be given access to an extended amount of tools and training to allow you the best chance of stopping criminals out on the road. RPU is the largest division within the PoliceMP community and arguably one of the most active. Day to day patrolling ranges from the usual traffic stop for MOT/Tax/Insurance all the way to RTC's with everything that falls in between. Of course, we're regularly participating in pursuits, and our active members are highly skilled TPAC/Interceptor Drivers that are put through rigorous training to ensure they're at their best.

What do we look for in an officer?

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Forward Thinking
  • Desire To Learn
  • Good Team Player
  • Ability to collaborate with other divisions

Meet our team

Leo - (OT1)
Lexuvinus - (OS2)
Jakub - (OS3)
Ryan - (OS4)
Lucas - (OS5)