Roads Transport Policing Command

What do we do?

The Roads & Transport Policing Command is the frontline in policing the road network in the territorial force area. Officers focus on all criminality associated with the road network: vehicle crime and the illegal use of the road network. Traffic officers also have a focus on increasing road safety through their use of high-tech ANPR cameras, speed enforcement tactics and high visibility patrols.

Traffic officers also take lead on all pursuits and are trained in many tactical measures to bring pursuits to a safe close with minimal disruption to the road network through the use of TPAC (Tactical Pursuit and Containment), stingers and tactical contact among others.
RTPC officers are some of the highest trained officers in the server and have access to a large array of tools, training and high powered vehicles to aid our combat of vehicle related crime.

RTPC is the largest division in the server except ERT - and is the most active, with officers clocking thousands of hours per month. Day to day patrolling includes dealing with low-level markers (MOT, TAX and insurance), RTC’s, pre-emptive tactics on high level markers and pursuits. Officers are put through in-depth training and undergo retraining every 3 months to ensure we are operating at our highest level consistently.

How to get into the division?

Gaining entry to RTPC is by no means an easy process. We look for the highest level of candidates as it is an extremely trusted position. Our recruitment cycle tends to be every 2-3 months. Whilst applications are not open, we recommend you request all the additional training open to you, especially IPP, and request a ride along via the divisional interest form.

Our requirements:

  • Must be a PC and have 35 hours in-game time
  • IPP trained (perferred)
  • Be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours per month and complete relevant deployment forms
  • Be of a mature and responsible nature with no recent warnings
  • Have no TX warnings, kicks or bans within 6 weeks

What do we look for in an officer?

  • Good communications skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Forward thinking
  • Desire to learn
  • Good team player
  • Mature and sensible attitude
  • Ability to collaborate with other divisions

Progression routes

We have many progression routes within the division. For those wishing to give back and act as a mentor for those aiming to join the division or even learn more about the division, we have our active buddy team who provide ride-alongs for all those who request them.

Our training team acts as a perfect route for internal progression within the division as it provides a platform to prove yourself for more advanced roles such as sergeant and allows you to shape the future of the division.

Training Offered & Subdivisions

RTPC has the widest range of training packages available for officers as part of our wide remit, covering a large area of MET operations.

Bike Training

RTPC has access to a range of motorcycles, from marked to unmarked to off-road dirt bikes, and is able to respond to all ranges of crime that may require specialist units such as motorbikes.

The motorbikes allow rapid response even in areas of high traffic and the dirt bike provides the ability to pursue at high speeds off-road even if vehicle units cannot follow. All the motorbike assets have a focus on reducing road crime and increasing road safety.

Requirements - be trained in TPAC for one week

Special Escort Group (SEG)

The Special Escort Group takes the lead on all escorts and provides expertise in this area. They are used for escorting the Royal Family, Members of the Government and visiting Heads of State. In addition, they also escort high risk (Category A) Prisoners and abnormal loads such as HAZMAT transports or wide-loads.

Requirements - to be trained in bike for one week

Commercial Enforcement (CE)

Commercial Enforcement provides expertise on all HGV’s and focuses on the compliance and safety related to them. They check commercial vehicles to ensure they are in line with the law, investigate tachographs and disrupt the range of criminality associated with commercial vehicle use. Their assets include an unmarked truck, which provides a birds eye view on seat belt and mobile phone offenders, a Mitsubishi L200 and a BMW X5.

Requirements - be trained in TPAC for one week

Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU)

SCIU respond to all major road incidents, RTC’s involving HGV’s and motorcycles and RTC’s involving chemical spills. They have forensic training to allow all evidence to be identified and collected to ensure the causes and those responsible for RTC’s can be identified and convicted.

Requirements - be trained in CE for one week

RAPTOR Units (Roads Crime Team)

The RAPTOR is a subunit of the Roads Crime Team. Units are TPAC trained drivers who focus specifically on bike and moped related crime as part of an overall focus through Operation Venice and OCG’s increased use of mopeds to commit crime.

The majority of raptors work is proactive and intel led but they also have a higher level of training and access to further tactics to aid their response to motorcycle offenders.

RAPTOR is the highest level of driver training in RTPC and its standards are expected to be in line with its exclusiveness.

Requirements - Must have a clean driving licence at the time of application, also be TPAC for two weeks.

Meet our team

Chinny - (OT1)
Unknownisamystery - (OS2)
Turtles - (OS3)
rayson1769 - (OS4)
Larry B
Larry B - (OS5)
OS6 - (OS6)