Survive Medical Team

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When time is of the essence, medical teams must navigate a delicate dance against the clock. Every passing moment is a crucial factor, demanding rapid assessments, prioritized interventions, and decisive actions. The driving factor here at Survive Medical are in these moments, in the synchronized harmony of expertise, precision, and timely execution, where each heartbeat counts. Join our team of expert practitioners to ensure only the highest of medical care reaches the city!

You will automatically receive discord tags from our discord bot which will assign you the access to a fleet of 2 cars and EUP for Paramedic, Adv Paramedic & Doctor!

Note: To use this pack you must be part of LAS and hold our paramedic role, you will only see EUP for the ranks you hold in LAS. Buying this pack does not buy entry to paramedic.

Disclaimer: This pack has been limited to a total of 50 subscriptions total . Meaning when all 50 spaces have been bought you will need to wait for someone to cancel a subscripion to gain access. This has been done to ensure we are not overwhelmed by RRV's and the ambulance service is still the main provider of medical aid in the city.

If you encounter any issues please head to our discord and do "/support" we will guide you through the process

The subscribe options will subscribe you to a monthly recurring payment. Whilst "buy now" will only purchase a one-off subscription for a period of a month.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time through Tebex. Your perks will be removed at the end of the billing cycle. To cancel your subscription please go to:
Tebex will take a payment on the same day as you have subscribed. Therefore if you have subscribed on the 17th June, your next payment will be taken on the 17th July.
Access to the Subscriber Garages is granted through the Discord Roles. When you check out through Tebex, you will see a step to link your Tebex account to Discord. If you have not received your role, please raise a support request through our Discord.
There is a limit of 50 active subscriptions / purchases a month. If you attempt to buy the Survive Medical Team subscription once the limit has been reached, you will see a "This package has been purchased too many times" error message.
Yes, to take advantage of the subscription, you need to hold a role of Paramedic on our Discord.