Mass Casualty and Critical Incident Declared at Royal London Hospital After Fire
National Health ServiceFire Brigade
An evening that put a huge strain on the London Ambulance Service. At 20:41 a METHANE (Major Incident) was declared with reports of a fire that has spread throughout the hospital with casualties and staff inside.
Dr Samurai's Next Level Event: Setting New Records in the Car Enthusiast Community
Civilian RoleplayMetropolitan PoliceNational Health Service+1 others
Largest Ever Car Meet Hits the Streets, Breaking Boundaries and Records.
Friday Night Patrol: Multi Incidents Unfolds Across The City
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health ServiceFire Brigade+2 others
Authorities are on high alert as a series of coordinated criminal incidents rock the city, leaving residents and law enforcement officers on edge.
Critical Incident: Shots Fired Incident on M25 Southbound Prompted NHS response
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health ServiceFire Brigade
Gunfire Exchange on M25 Southbound Prompts Critical Incident Declaration by London Ambulance Service
London Tunnel Tragedy: Heroic Response Teams Rally to Rescue After Catastrophic Collision
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
As frantic calls inundated the London Ambulance Service following a tunnel collision, a chilling turn of events unfolded. Reports of explosions reverberated through the darkness, intensifying the urgency of the situation for responders already en route.
Major Police Operation Unveils Organized Crime Network at London Docks
Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary OpsFire Brigade+1 others
Police Operation "Titanic" Strikes Blow to Organised Crime
Major Incident: London Fire Brigade Responds to Massive Ship Fire
Fire BrigadeNational Health Service
Major Incident Declared on Ship Fire Incident
Major Incident: Police Armory Robbery Escalates into Deadly Confrontation in Rural London
Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary OpsNational Health Service
Rural London Confrontation with Armed Officers