Protestors Block Major Highway
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
Firearms officers, TSG and SORT units were dispatched to an incident on the A1 this evening caused by protestors.
Traffic Stop Turned Armed Manhunt
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
A simple traffic stop involving a stolen vehicle drastically took a turn and became a manhunt for an armed suspect.
Suspected Murder
Metropolitan Police
CID were called out in the early hours of the morning to reports of a body found at their place of work.
M25 Major Oil Spill
Auxiliary Ops
National Highways were called to deal with a large oil spill on a busy part of the M25 highway, 2 lanes were closed for approximately 3 hours.
Biker Thief in High Octane Pursuit
Metropolitan Police
MET RTPC RAPTOR team involved in a high octane pursuit with a motorbike which had been involved in a number of drive by snatches on members of the public.
Major Drug Bust

Major Drug Bust

Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary Ops
CID, RTPC & NPAS joint efforts lead to a major drug bust of a large scale
Multi Vehicle RTC
Fire BrigadeAuxiliary OpsNational Health Service+1 others
LFB was called to a large RTC situated within a tunnel along the M25. Due to the nature of this call, multiple units were dispatched along with a command unit.