Traffic Stop Turned Armed Manhunt
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
A simple traffic stop involving a stolen vehicle drastically took a turn and became a manhunt for an armed suspect.
Suspected Murder
Metropolitan Police
CID were called out in the early hours of the morning to reports of a body found at their place of work.
M25 Major Oil Spill
Auxiliary Ops
National Highways were called to deal with a large oil spill on a busy part of the M25 highway, 2 lanes were closed for approximately 3 hours.
Biker Thief in High Octane Pursuit
Metropolitan Police
MET RTPC RAPTOR team involved in a high octane pursuit with a motorbike which had been involved in a number of drive by snatches on members of the public.
Major Drug Bust

Major Drug Bust

Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary Ops
CID, RTPC & NPAS joint efforts lead to a major drug bust of a large scale
Multi Vehicle RTC
Fire BrigadeAuxiliary OpsNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
LFB was called to a large RTC situated within a tunnel along the M25. Due to the nature of this call, multiple units were dispatched along with a command unit.