London Gun Shop Standoff: Metropolitan Police Confront Armed Suspects in Intense Showdown
Metropolitan PoliceNational Health Service
Breaking News: New Years Eve Standoff Unfolds as Metropolitan Police ARVs Respond to Gun Shop Alarm in Central London
Early Morning High-Speed Chase Ends in Dramatic Disaster
Metropolitan PoliceAuxiliary OpsFire Brigade+1 others
High-Speed Chase Ends in Fiery Crash: Dramatic Rescue Unfolds as Emergency Services Battle Blaze
Power Station Protest and Blaze Exposes Criminal Network
Metropolitan PoliceFire BrigadeNational Health Service
Night Chaos: Emergency Services Quell Power Station Blaze, Uncover Criminal Network.
High-Speed Chase Ends in Tactical Success and Narcotics Arrest
Metropolitan Police
High-Stakes Pursuit: Tactical Manoeuvres and Narcotics Arrest Unfold in Late-Night Drama
Helicopter Crash in Central London Sparks Major Incident
Metropolitan PoliceFire BrigadeNational Health Service
Central London Helicopter Crash: Major Incident and Swift Actions Prevents a Disaster
Multiple Suspects Jailed Over Terror Bomb Threat
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police+1 others
MET Control gained a report at early hours regarding an armed takeover of a ship at the docks carrying a payload of oil. Suspects were seen to be loading suspicious boxes on to the boat which led to an armed response.
Christmas Party Takes a Fiery Turn as Nightclub Erupts in Flames
Fire BrigadeNational Health ServiceMetropolitan Police
A Christmas party celebration turns awry.
Tragic HGV Incident Unfolds: Explosive Crash Claims Lives
Metropolitan PoliceFire BrigadeNational Health Service
A tragic incident that turned fatal when a driver refused to stop for MET Police.